Dating Orrefors Glass. Orrefors used different signature systems for different types of glass. In the following pages we have tried to give as much information on the.

Orrefors used different signature systems for different types of glass. In the following pages we have tried to give as much information on singles norway different types of signatures and dating systems as possible. Orrefors used different numbering systems with most of their art glass.

The numbers work like serial numbers or date dating stromberg glass For each technique used by Orrefors, there is a link to a special page where you can find all the known date codes and serial numbers that were used at Orrefors. Just click the links in the text to get to the correct page. As we learn more about the different dating and signing systems in use, we will add these to our website. D — Ingeborg Lundin. The Orrefors Graal Glass went through several stages of development to get to the Graal technique that we are used to today.

Basically, the first Graal pieces were developed at Orrefors inand the same technique was used until At the beginning of the s, Edvard Hald and Vicke Lindstrand experimented with the Graal dating stromberg glass and came up with the "new" Graal method, which basically meant that the layer of clear glass that is applied is thicker.

Orrefors Slip Graal or Slipgraal. The Slip Graal technique was developed in the late s. Inthe technique got its own numbering system. Edvard Hald developed this technique further with Heinz Richter to form the Aquagraal technique. From dating stromberg glass this letter was omitted, since the pieces were clearly marked Slipgraal anyway.

Early pieces had the production date mentioned seperately on read more. Sven Palmqvist inveted the Kraka technique in Early Dating stromberg glass pieces were mostly of a single color, white being the most prevalent.

Orrefors produced Kraka glass pieces trek marlin 29er From until several models were mass-produced. Palmqvist himself produced Kraka pieces until We have all the date codes and serial numbers that dating stromberg glass you to date your Orrefors Kraka piece. He produced Ravenna pieces himself untilbut Orrefors continued to mass-produce certain Ravenna models until Dating stromberg glass have collected all the date codes, serial and model numbers that enable you to date your Orrefors Ravenna piece.

Since a combination of a letter and a number is used for dating. It was first kennenlernen emsdetten leute exclusively for cut glass, but later was used in a broader sense. How to date Dating stromberg glass - signatures, and date codes.

Dating Orrefors Glass Orrefors used different signature systems for different types of glass. Designer Signature Letters Until History of Swedish Glass.

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Aug 12,  · definitely Strömbergshyttan and dating to the mid sixties. (by Gerda Stromberg we think) Stromberg glass is extremely under-rated.

Art glass pieces by Kosta are usually signed. However, most production glass is not signed, even if the design comes from a renown designer or artist. There was no uniform way of signing different pieces or series. This difference with Orrefors in the way dating stromberg glass are signed and dated can be explained by the different approaches and types of partnerships that the two glassworks had with their artists. Whereas Orrefors usually had a long relationship with their artists and designers, Kosta frequently invited artists to work with them only for a short time.

Notable exception is Elis Berg, who worked for Kosta from to When Lindstrand started to work with Kosta, he implemented a more or less uniform way of signing and dating all pieces of work, much like it was the practice at Orrefors. Check this out information about signatures and date codes for Kosta Boda glass is sketchy to say the least, since even the company archives only have scant information on this subject.

Dating stromberg glass obviously singlebörse jülich decoding Kosta Boda glass even more trickier. The most famous designers and their signatures are: Worked at Kosta from and Worked at Kosta from until He usually signed with his full dating stromberg glass and the year of production. Worked at Kosta fromand in Worked at Kosta in and from Most of his pieces are signed with his name, the year of production and sometimes the name of the engraver.

Worked at Kosta from dating stromberg glass As mentioned before, with the arrival of Lindstrand at Kosta, a more uniform way of signing glass was introduced. Pieces designed by Lindstrand are signed in the following way: LH — Items produced by the glassworks in large quantities, starting with the model number There are however some unique items with this signature.

LU — Unique items frauen treffen frauen köln Lindstrand, starting with the number LF — Bird figurines starting with the number 1. LG — Engraved glass, starting with the number LS — Cut glass, starting with the number Most of her designs are signed.

However, there is no uniform way of signing that was used. Sometimes the model or serial number is not mentioned at all. The first one was by name and model number, however, stemware was rarely marked. In the s the pieces were marked with two letters that indicated the designer and dating stromberg glass, as well as a 4 digit code that indicated the production number.

This number was in no way related to the year of production. Somewhere in the s, around the time of the merger with Afors, the system changed to a 5 digit number, where the second and third digit indicated the year of design.

The first digit is related to the type, so a 4 dating stromberg glass be a vase and a 5 would be a bowl etc. Inthey changed to a 7 digit system in which the fourth and fifth number indicate the year of design. The problem with Kosta Boda is that they did not use a uniform numbering system throughout their production.

It frequently changed and one can suppose dating stromberg glass people were sometimes confused as to which numbering system they should use. Click the following article explains why sometimes the same item is found with different markings - it is likely that the item was produced at different times when different numbering systems were in place.

In the Kosta Book of Glas, the following coding system is mentioned. This seems to apply to most of the pieces that were made in this period. How to date Kosta Boda glass - date codes, series and designer signatures. Dating Kosta Glass Art glass pieces by Kennenlernen verb are usually signed. Edvin Ollers Worked at Kosta from and Sten Branzell Worked at Dating stromberg glass fromand in Sven Erixson x-et Worked at Kosta in and from Elis Berg Worked at Kosta from until Sven Erik Skawonius Worked dating stromberg glass Kosta from and Tyra Lundgren Worked at Kosta from Vicke Lindstrand Worked dating stromberg glass Kosta please click for source History of Swedish Glass.

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