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Like the castle itself, improvements are blind dating mainz being made. We visited this castle in September, From the photos, brochures, and notes that my wife and collected in our one day and one night stay at the castle, I have compiled this little "virtual" tour guide in the hopes that you may wish blind dating mainz visit the castle someday. The food, as it is anywhere in the blind dating mainz, is phenomenal. The stay was very interesting, being that in the late evening menschen kennenlernen we were the only occupants in the entire castle grounds.

No caretakers, staff or blind dating mainz. Upon our return from a family dinner at the Altes Haus click here Bacharach, we stopped at a little tavern just below the castle in the village. A two mile road that is.

Needless to say, there we were, on our own with only a flashlight to guide us up the historic trial to the gate towers. No lights, no people, only the history, stories, and legends of those days gone by.

Please be blind dating mainz when viewing this page. I will be continuing to work on modified this document into separate pages in order to help it work faster. In the meantime you should be able to do some reading while the photos are loading. If you find that the images are not loading, you may need to use your "reload" button on your browser a couple of times. Visit web page images are hefty in size in some places and some are on the large size, blind dating mainz as to show you the details of our visit.

Again, please be patient. We would like to thank you for visiting one of our very special places. Best wishes blind dating mainz a safe and memorable journey. The Rhine Valley between Bingen and Koblenz, who does not think here sagas and legends, knights and robbers, ghosts, fortresses and castles?

Blind dating mainz another region in Germany is so rich in history and shows so many "witnesses" of the past. One of the most remarkable and largest castles high up is Reichenstein, situated in the wine producing village of Trechtingshausen, which blind dating mainz be reached from Bingen by car, boat or rail, a blind dating mainz 5 km away. The almost year old history of the castle and the magnificent collections of the many and unique museum artifacts have made Reichenstein a tourist magnet.

This guide presents the history of Reichenstein and of its inhabitants, shows the fate of the old defense and living quarters and offers review blind dating mainz the rich content of the castle blind dating mainz. Table of Contents Return to Top.

It is difficult to say exactly how old Reichenstein really is. The oldest building indications date the foundations from the early 11th century: Reichenstein is almost 1, years old. The Abbey appointed bailiffs for the administration and for the safeguard of its rights. One of these bailiffs for was the knight Rheinbodo blind dating mainz his descendants.

Gerhard of Rheinbodo who resided in the castle raged as robber-knight through the region and demanded goods violently from the travelers and shipmen. Inhe was disposed of. The first documentary writings of the castle originate from that year. Knight Philipp became his successor. He came from the powerful family "von Bolanden. Inthe archbishop of Mainz and the army of the town association conquered and destroyed Reichenstein. Philipp von Blind dating mainz had surrendered and promised good conduct so that he could live.

He used the following period to rebuild Reichenstein stronger and more defensive than ever before. He carried on with robbing during these politically unstable times and ascended to the high office of Imperial Vicar and began to steal church property.

As a consequence the Archbishop of Mainz banned him from the church. All this happened during the times of "Interregnum," and came to an end when the imperial power was once again strengthened. The times of robber knights on the Rhine was over.

In the new king besieged the castle. Nevertheless he did not succeed to blind dating mainz the stronghold, but forced the garrison blind dating mainz surrender by means of starvation. These battles were better fights, raging during the 13th century around Reichenstein. Many arrow points have been found on the castle grounds and can be seen in the museum. Contrary to the legend, Dietrich of Hohenfels was not decapitated, but actually escaped.

His companions were hung on the trees in the valley by order of Rudolf von Habsburg. The castle was burnt down in The king had forbidden that Reichenstein and the neighboring fortress also a nest of robber knights be rebuilt, but both were restored. Reichenstein was know property of the Count Palatines, who quarreled over the rights with the Archbishop of Mainz. Mainz leased the castle several times untilalso to Blind dating mainz von Falkenstein, a successor of those gentlemen von Bolanden who years before had been bailiffs there.

Restless time followed inwhen Gottfried von Leiningen, the contra-bishop, found refuge in the castle and also had it granted link the blind dating mainz Nikelaus blind dating mainz Stein.

Only after long negotiations it was achieved that Gottfried resigned, and further battles for Reichenstein were avoided. The short Mainz period lasted to the end of the 19th century. The old castle, originally built as a defense structure, lost more and more of its military value after the invention and development of firearms. It started to deteriorate. The cathedral chapter leased it to 4 families in Trechtingshausen, including the right to grow wine grapes on the surrounding plots.

These families later became proprietors of the click. It was only a question of time until the old walls would be overgrown and collapse. But the 19th century was a turning point, seen from the background of the cultural tendencies of that time: The life of the knights inspired the imagination of educated circles blind dating mainz the nobility and the middle classes.

He bought the ruin and began learn more here it. He discovered several nesting towerfalcons in the walls and therefore named the castle "Falkenburg. Blind dating mainz heir blind dating mainz General Barfuss, the baron von Rehfuss, bought the castle in and installed a small flat there.

INthere followed another proprietor, the Mexican Consul Chosodowsky. The decisive step for the castle, as it stand today, was taken inwhen a new buyer appeared: The Regensburger architect Strebel, who was in charge of blind dating mainz restoration, based his ideas on old foundation drawings and on views of the castle form the 17th and 18th blind dating mainz. In this way, the reconstruction of the main building was authentic.

Nicolaus and Olga Kirsch-Puricelli had the necessary historical and artistic interest. Without their enthusiasm, the castle would and it complete museum collection would be non existent. Baroness Olga collected blind dating mainz, engravings, sculptures, vases, furniture and musical instruments. She herself was a musician and blind dating mainz a few pictures which are exhibited in the museum.

Many of the art objects originate from Italy, the family origin of Puricelli. He often brought gifts back form Italy when he visited the Reichenstein family. Slowly the family collected almost cast iron oven and Takenplates and established one of the biggest collections of this king in Germany, including plates spanning 4 centuries. Weapons as well as amour were also collected. When Baron Nicolaus died in his wife Olga died the previous yearthe living quarters were given up by their children; it become too expensive blind dating mainz keep 40 servants at times coachmen, stable boys, gardeners, kitchen staff, chambermaids, etc.

The heir Baron Dr. Paul Kirsch-Puricelli, kept the castle open as a museum. His nephew, Baron con Schorlemer-Lieser followed his footsteps. Only at the beginning ofafter almost 90 years in the family, the castle received a new proprietor with gastroname "Egon Schmitz. In the outer castle there is a hotel with 50 beds, which enables the "normal citizen" accommodations within the castle walls.

Also in the outer castle there are various Restaurants: The cafe-terrace offers you a leisurely afternoon with historic views of the Rhine. Around the castle there is a beergarden from which a magnificent view over the Rhine and Morgenbach valley can be enjoyed.

For bigger events a marquee for several hundred persons can source easily erected on the "Tunierplatz," just above the castle. In this click to see more one has created an economically sound basis around the center piece of the building which is the museum.

So it has been made possible to enjoy the collections and art treasures as well as benefit the public. If one walks from Trechtingshausen up to the blind dating mainz, one leaves behind the last houses of the town and sees two mighty blind dating mainz towers: These towers belong to the outer fortification which had been built during the reconstruction at the turn of the century. Today it is still click here "Falkenburg.

When we visited the castle in September,we were surprised to find that on our walk up to the castle, in the dead of the night, we were the only two people in the entire castle. In the darkness of the night, lit by only one flashlight, we made our way past the towers and finally found the outer castle entrance way to the dining rooms.

The staff and management blind dating mainz left for the day. As we made our way past several 6 foot tall knights in full armor, I could not help but feel we were being watched. For when we checked in earlier in the day, we were instructed "not to disturb the ghost. It was a serious one. More on the castle ghost in awhile. Finally blind dating mainz made our way through the huge rooms to find the large oak doors that would open which made the sounds one would associate with a spooky monster movie to the stairway where blind dating mainz finally found a light switch.

Blind dating mainz

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